Provobis Vino Frizzante Secco – Giordano

Giordano wines are a mixed bunch; the wines are variable in quality but are at the cheaper end of the spectrum. This wine was as usual very vague about details. Giordano took just under a month to deliver my last case. Laithwaites and Virgin take 2-3 days. This wine is decent enough and as part of a case deal is fair value. It’s fine on its own, better with Aperol or we had it with a dash of Chambord black raspberry. It’s actually better than a lot of more expensive supermarket prosecco. The closure is a traditional corkscrew, however so it doesn’t feel especially celebratory.

Tasting notes: Very pale lemon colour. Very faint primary citrus notes. No secondary or tertiary notes. Balanced acidity; dry. Short finish. Flavours of citrus. Very light wine at 11%.

Region of Origin – Probably Piemonte
Wine Colour – white
Price – £8.99 – £5.26 (as part of a case deal)
Where do I get it from? Giordano Wines
Current Vintage – nothing specified
Producer – Giordano
Grape – Nothing specified
Country – Italy

Verdict – Cheap, light acceptable wine for the price.

Food Pairings: Works well on its own or as the base for a spritz.

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