Bendico Vermentino 2018 – Virgin Wines

Vermentino is primarily associated with Sardinia. Virgin wines have a few wines which don’t come from the area with which they are traditionally associated (Hungarian Pinot Grigio, Romanian Sauvignon Blanc) as do Waitrose. Is it a crafty trick, or an attempt to intrigue the consumer? Who knows…? I tasted Vermentino widely during a three week trip to Sardinia and visited vineyards, met winemakers and got to know and like the wine. It is usually ‘refreshing’ in style, which means citrussy and quite acidic. It goes with the local food – we had it with fresh swordfish and it was perfect. It’s also produced in nearby Corsica – so Sicily isn’t really too great a stretch of the imagination as an area for production. I’ve visited Sicily twice, but never saw any Vermentino there, however it’s a robust grape and can handle intense Mediterranean sun. I liked this Virgin Wines offering and for the price it is one of their good value, cheaper wines.

Tasting notes: Medium intensity, pale lemon colour. Primary apple citrus notes. No secondary or tertiary notes. Balanced acidity; dry. Short finish. Flavours of citrus, some mineral notes.

Region of Origin – Sicily (nothing more specific)
Wine Colour – white
Price – £7.99
Where do I get it from? Virgin Wines
Current Vintage – 2018
Producer – Mimmo de Gregorio, Bendico
Grape – Vermentino
Country – Italy (Sicily)

Verdict – Good wine for the price.

Food Pairings: Chicken dishes – works well with pizza.

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