Virgin Wines – any good?

I signed up to Virgin Wines and paid into their ‘Wine Bank’ each month. I purchased a wide variety of wines from £7-£25 a bottle which I will be reviewing over the coming weeks in a series of articles, before moving on to review Laithwaite’s wines.

So, are Virgin wines any good? With the Wine Bank you pay in a set amount each month and have ‘interest’ paid to you. They also make contributions from time to time, to motivate you to buy a case.

So is the wine any good? Never has the maxim “You get what you pay for” been more applicable. there are some awful wines and some gems for sale and over the next few weeks I’ll help you to choose the better wines. They used to offer you a free bottle of wine for a review but they quietly changed their terms to enter you into a competition instead. I never offered them any reviews – I’ve saved them all for atimeforwine

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