Macon Villages Waitrose

blog 114

This Waitrose Chardonnay weighs in at £8.69 a bottle. It’s from Cave de Lugny, a Burgundian co-operative producer. The same wine is on sale at Co-Op 70p cheaper (no big deal) but what makes the Co-Op wine marginally better in my opinion is the fact that theirs is from 2013, rather than 2015 like this wine.

Tasting notes: Creamy, apple notes, a little minerality. Not as rich as some chardonnays but quite good value.

Region of Origin – Burgundy
Wine Colour – White
Price – £8.69
Where do I get it from? – Waitrose.
Current Vintage – 2015
Type of Closure – Screw Top
Bottle size – 750ml
Grape – 100% Chardonnay
Country – France
Points – 92
Food Pairings: We had this on a Friday evening with tapas. It worked well!

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