Comuna Pinot Grigio – Sainsbury’s

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Pinot Grigio is probably the world’s favourite wine. A lot of it is insipid plonk, good for glugging with Doritos and a movie. Italy sells more Pinot Grigio than it produces apparently. Apparently this is because it’s the world’s most faked wine. Why on earth would you fake a wine that retails at £5 a bottle? Because somebody will buy it! Apart from Italian Pinot Grigio, I have tasted Hungarian (unintentionally & it was awful and from Waitrose) and recently a couple from Argentina. This one is from another big producer, Bodega Argento in Mendoza.

Tasting notes: Pale, limpid. Good texture. Fruity and more complex than most Pinot Grigio, with pleasant almond notes – floral notes and quite a delicate wine.

Region of Origin – Mendoza
Wine Colour – White
Price – £7
Where do I get it from? Sainsbury
Current Vintage – 2016
Producer – Bodega Argento
Grape – 100% Pinot Grigio
Country – Argentina
Points – 90
Food Pairing: risotto

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