Rocca Murer Pinot Grigio 2017

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My most read review of the last year was for Rocca Murer Pinot Grigio 2016. This review has had hundreds of hits, from all over the world. If you type Rocca Murer Pinot Grigio into Google, the top hit is for my review.  This shows the global reach of Cavit wines. I think it also shows that people may be a little unsure about this wine, and google it whilst in the supermarket to see if it’s any good! Well it’s from Trentino – one of the regions synonymous with Pinot Grigio. In its tall bottle, it’s rather distinctive. Cavit are a co-operative of farmers, who put their outputs together; the result could be described as ‘homogenous’ – I thought it was good, slightly different to the majority of Pinot Grigios; it had an interesting initial taste and a little complexity – good value at £7 although at this price point it is one of Sainsburys most expensive Pinot Grigios – this is comparable with Comuna Pinot Grigio and better than Yellow Tail.

Tasting notes: Straw colour. Initially some mineral notes. Hints of peach and apple. 

Wine Colour – White
Price – £7
Where do I get it from? Sainsbury
Current Vintage – 2017
Producer – Rocca Murer/Cavit
Grape – 100% Pinot Grigio
Region/Country – Trentino/Italy
Points – 90

Food Pairing: This would go well with fish dishes, pasta etc.

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