Linda Mora Torrontes


Linda Mora Torrontes


Tasting Notes:

Torrontes is known in Argentina as ‘the liar.’ This is because its aromas often differ from the taste. This wine is from Co-op; their range is genuinely exciting and they have deservedly been awarded wine supermarket of the year. Torrontes is a bit of a ‘marmite’ wine… The worst wine I ever tasted, 23 years ago, was a Canadian Torrontes. It tasted like Impulse body spray. I avoided Torrontes  for 22 years but was converted last Autumn in Argentina. Linda Mora has very subtle, delicate floral notes, but is still dry.


Region of Origin San Juan, Argentina
Wine Colour White
Price £5
Where do I get it from? Co op.
Current Vintage 2015
Producer Finca Las Moras
Type of Closure Screwcap
Pack Quantity 750ml
Grape 100% Torrontes
Country Argentina
Points 92

Food Pairings: Perfect served with chicken risotto.

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