Viña Sol – Torres 2018 UPDATE

Founded in 1870, Torres have been producing this wine since the 1960s. It’s decent wine with a timeless quality to it and fairly good value. I buy it regularly in the summer and it remains popular in Spain. This wine comes in a thin, light bottle which is more environmentally friendly – more producers should do this.

Tasting notes: Pale yellow, fresh floral aromas. The parellada grape gives it a fruity (apple & citrus) taste (it’s one of the cava grapes). Some tropical notes. Dry. Balanced acidity. No real length or intensity, but a little complexity. Unoaked & light – only 10.5% alcohol; ideal summer lunchtime wine.

Wine Colour – White
Price – £7.50
Where do I get it from? Tesco (widely available)
Current Vintage – 2018
Producer – Torres
Grape – Parellada, Grenache Blanc
Region/Country – Catalonia/Spain

Verdict Good wine for the money

Food Pairing: Good as an aperitif or with rice dishes, fish.

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