Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle Champagne

Laurent-Perrier Grande Siecle

Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle is a blend of three different vintages of premier cru champagnes – it is classified as NV as a result but it’s so much more than that. The magic here is in the winemaking; the blending of different vintages to create something which is greater than the sum of its parts. I preferred this to Krug Grande Cuvee – in style I found it more comparable to Dom Perignon.

Tasting notes: Pale yellow colour. Subtle, old-fashioned. Perfectly well balanced. Lingering finish. Intriguing complexity from the blend, which provides a heady, intense experience. Delicate mousse, very fine bubbles. Moreish and easy to drink – which is a problem as it is expensive – but worth it for a special occasion.

Region of Origin – Champagne.
Wine Colour – White
Price – £63 – £125 depending on where you shop & packaging/presentation
Where do I get it from? Fine wine merchants
Current Vintage – NV
Producer – Laurent-Perrier
Grape – Chardonnay/Pinot Noir Blend
Country – France

Food Pairing: Worked brilliantly without food. Could work with delicate canapes or seafood.

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