Albariño, Vinas del Rey, Tesco Finest


Tesco’s updated ‘Finest’ range is doing a good job of teaming up with good producers and releasing own-label wines that are interesting and reasonably priced. As I’m off to Spain shortly I thought I’d get in the mood by trying another of Tesco’s (so far) interesting, well chosen ‘Finest’ range of wines. In recent years Albariño attracted the attention of Australian winemakers, however, it has recently been discovered that wine makers in Australia have been supplying and selling wrongly labelled Albariño for over 20 years! They thought they were buying the Spanish grape, only to discover they were (incorrectly) sold cuttings of the French Savagnin grape instead.
A French expert visiting Australia raised questions in 2008, and DNA testing (by The International Grape Genomics Program again – I love those guys!) confirmed that the grapes are in fact French Savagnin. Consequently almost all wine in Australia labelled as Albariño, isn’t. Ooops!


Tasting notes: Dry, but not bone dry.  I would put this in the same category of slightly aromatic wines, such as Viognier. This should be well cooled and served in the sunshine. Crisp, orchard flavours and stone fruit notes. Very good value at the moment – a good wine to bring to a barbecue.

Wine Colour – White
Price – £8 reduced to £6
Where do I get it from? Tesco
Current Vintage – 2016
Producer – Felix Solis
Grape – 100% Albariño
Region/Country – Rias Baixas/Spain
Points – 90

Food Pairing: This wine needs to be served well chilled, in the sunshine. Would go well with tapas, obviously, but we had it with a prawn pasta dish, spiked with chilli flakes and it worked well.



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