Most Wanted Chardonnay


Clem Yates is a Master of Wine (MW) – one of only about 300 or so, and is also a graduate chemist – so she is well qualified to be a winemaker! She used to work for Sainsbury’s wine before leaving to branch out. She is Australian too, so this wine is in good hands! Is it any good? Yes, I liked it. Most Wanted Wines have a range of 8 wines for sale in major supermarkets – and I’m encouraged to try a few more…

Tasting notes: Good texture. Dry. Has some crisp citrus notes but white stone fruit notes and tropical fruit hints mark it as New World – and I like it. Good value for money.

Wine Colour – White
Price – £6.50
Where do I get it from? Tesco (widely available)
Current Vintage – 2017
Producer – Most Wanted Wines (Clem Yates)
Grape – 100% Chardonnay
Region/Country – South Eastern Australia
Points – 90

Food Pairing: This would go well with the usual chicken and fish dishes.

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  1. Dr B says:

    I think one of the things most folks want to know about Chardonnay these days is oaked or unoaked! So many people say “I don’t like Chardonnay or I’ve gone off Chardonnay” when actually it’s the overoaked wines of the Southern Hemisphere that has put them off. I’m in that camp and stick to Burgundies if I can afford them now!


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