M&S Classics Albariño Rías Baixas 2019

With its ‘Classics’ range M&S set out to produce wines which are the epitome of a grape, blend or region. It includes repackaged wines from existing suppliers as well as new wines that buyers had to go out and hunt down. Sue Daniels set out “to find and redefine those lovely well-known regions and iconic grape varieties.” I like this idea very much; at wine tastings – especially blind ones – I don’t really want quirky surprises. This wine is unmistakably Albariño and at £10 is good value. Albariño is currently rather fashionable, particularly when from Rias Baixas in Galicia. It’s a somewhat forgotten, often rainy inland area of North Western Spain. The salty hint to the wine makes it go particularly well with food.

Tasting notes: Pale straw colour. Light-bodied. Citrus notes on the nose. Relatively high acidity. Refreshing citrus and stone fruit flavours. Dry. A good Albariño has a hint of saltiness – this one had a pleasant briny note of minerality. Medium crisp finish. Balanced, acidity. Good wine, fairly priced.

Wine Colour – White
Price – £10
Where do I get it from? Marks & Spencer
Current Vintage – 2019
Grape – 100% Albariño
Region/Country – Rias Baixas/Spain

Verdict – Good wine for the price

Food Pairings: This would work well with salads and grilled fish dishes. We had it with salmon and it worked brilliantly.

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