Jam Shed Malbec 2019

I have visited the beautiful but edgy town of Mendoza, a few hours flight from Buenos Aires and have tasted a lot of Malbec. I have calibrated my palate to the soft, drying tannins, and the flavours of plum, blackberry, blackcurrant, cherry, violets… All that fruit could be described as ‘jammy’ or even, when combined with sweet tannins as ‘confected’ – ie like a sweet. But it is not sweet. This wine came recommended by a colleague, so I gave it a go (I bought a lot of wine that day and this was one of 6 different Argentinian wines). It’s not good. Sales of Malbec are at an all time high in the UK and I feel like The Jam Shed would be better called ‘The Band Wagon’.

Tasting Notes: An intense, deep red. Red and dark fruit aromas. This had a sweet smell – which is impossible – as one cannot smell sweetness. It certainly was jammy. In an unpleasant, cloying sweet way. We persevered with it with roast pork – but it wasn’t right. Like no other Malbec I have ever tasted – here in the UK, in Cahors, or in Argentina. I think it is imbalanced and lacks some acidity – either that or this bottle was faulty.

Region of Origin – Mendoza
Wine Colour – Red
Price – £7
Where do I get it from? Tesco ( widely available, Amazon stock it)
Current Vintage – 2019
Producer – Accolade/Leasingham
Grape – 100% Malbec
Country – Argentina
Verdict – Unacceptable.

Food Pairing: Toasted crumpets.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dr B says:

    Agree entirely about this particular estate and the wine. Lucky you visiting the area, most of our wine travel has been around Europe.


  2. Juls Hudd says:

    Totally agree. It is rank! I thought I was doing a good thing choosing a carbon neutral wine. And you usually can’t go wrong with an Argentinian Malbec.


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