Valiosa Brut NV Spain Laithwaite’s

This Spanish fizz from La Mancha came into being when the opportunist Solis brothers heard that there was a global prosecco shortage a few years ago and decided to try growing Glera grapes in the hot, inland plains south of Madrid. It didn’t work, so they employed similar methods of production (the Charmat or ‘tank’ method) but used the indigenous Arien and Viura grapes. I’m not a great fan of Arien – and find that it doesn’t really bring much to a blend. This does come in an attractive, celebratory bottle and promised to be suitable for toasting good news in a year of disappointments. Like 2020, this sparkling wine was disappointing…

Tasting notes:  A very pale colour. Initially some citrus and orchard aromas. Dry but not ‘brut’. Flavour was faint – apple, citrus, similar to prosecco. No intensity. Little complexity. Bubbles were large and ‘foamy’. Short finish. Very light at 10.5%. Poor value for money. The first glass was fine. Then move on to something else. Maybe suitable for making a mimosa – but at £10.50 a bottle…

Region of Origin – La Mancha
Wine Colour – White
Price – £10.50 (£9.50 if you have a ‘Wine Plan’ with Laithwaite’s)
Where do I get it from? Laithwaite’s, Averys, British Airways Wine Flyer, Sunday Times
Current Vintage – NV
Producer – Solis Bros
Grape – Arien/Viura blend
Country – Spain

Verdict – (barely) acceptable wine.

Food matching – Peanuts.

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