Eventus – Giordano

Giordano wines are a mixed bunch; the wines are variable in quality but are at the cheaper end of the spectrum. This wine was very vague about details. Giordano take an inordinately long time (3 weeks) to deliver their wine to customers. They don’t have great ‘trust pilot’ reviews as a result. There is a contact form on their website – but nobody responds when you use it; I would consider their customer service as poor.

Tasting notes: Very pale lemon colour. Very faint primary citrus notes. No secondary or tertiary notes. Balanced acidity; dry. Short finish. Flavours of citrus. Very light wine at 11%. Essentially ‘plonk’.

Region of Origin – Valle Talloria
Wine Colour – white
Price – £5.26 (as part of a case deal)
Where do I get it from? Giordano Wines
Current Vintage – nothing specified
Producer – Giordano
Grape – Nothing specified
Country – Italy

Verdict – Cheap, light acceptable wine for the price.

Food Pairings: Works well on its own or as the base for a spritzer.

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