Visionario, Bianco Trevenezie 2018 – Laithwaite’s

Laithwaite’s have been in the game for some time -about 50 years, and their founder Tony Laithwaite knows his stuff. They have physical shops and a mail order business. At the time of writing the UK is in lockdown – and as a result mail-order wine businesses are thriving. Laithwaite’s are seeing their annual Christmas time demand in April. Generally (off-licence) sales of alcohol in the UK are up by about a third – but as bars and restaurants are shut the figures are rather skewed. ‘People are drinking more’ would be the obvious conclusion but actually they’re drinking more at home; there’s nowhere else to go…

Tasting notes: Its appearance is pale straw in colour. Citrus notes on the nose and a confected note – reminiscent of the sweet ‘Refreshers’… Balanced. Medium length. Medium body. Dry. A bit of a witches brew of grapes but somehow it just about works. The result is interesting. Some intensity on the palate again with a confected note this time of ‘Parma Violets’. Some complexity: white stone fruits, white flowers, citrus notes.

Region of Origin – North East Italy
Wine Colour – White
Price – part of a case deal, about £8
Where do I get it from? Laithwaite’s
Current Vintage – 2018
Producer – Alessandro Gallici, for Laithwaite’s.
Grape – Blend of Friulano, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Gewurtztraminer
Country – Italy

Verdict – Good enough wine for the price

Food Pairings: This would work well with pasta – and would be better with food than on its own.

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