Louis Jadot – Macon Villages 2018 UPDATE

I last reviewed this wine 3 years ago, when I used a point system and I rated it pretty highly. At upwards of £10 a bottle it’s not quite everyday drinking. The label still confers quality – but what of the contents? Winemakers go to great pains to ensure that their products have a degree of ‘continuity’ to them; the same balanced acidity, length, intensity, texture, body, nose, complexity and finish. That is a lot to ask. Louis Jadot have employed the same winemaker for some years now. I thought it was good – but not amazingly so. At £10 I had hoped for more. Still, it looks good and will always be well received as a gift.

Tasting notes: Medium intensity, pale lemon colour. Primary apple and faint citrus notes. A little creamy secondary note. No tertiary notes. Balanced acidity; dry. No oak. Short finish. Flavours of apple & citrus notes, so a (very) little complexity.

Region of Origin – Burgundy
Wine Colour – White
Price – £10
Where do I get it from? Widely Available
Current Vintage – 2018
Producer – Frederic Barnier for Louis Jadot
Grape – Chardonnay
Country – France

Verdict – (Quite) good wine. A little pricey.

Food Pairings: Chicken dishes, poached salmon.

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