Sainsbury’s ‘Taste The Difference’ Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio remains the World’s favourite white wine grape. Is the Sainsbury’s offering any good…? At £6 – yes…

Tasting notes: It’s appearance is pale lemon in colour. Citrus notes on the nose. Well balanced. Medium finish. Medium body. Some complexity on the palate; citrus and stone fruit flavours, some ‘nutty’ notes. Short to medium finish.

Region of Origin – Trentino
Wine Colour – White
Price – £6 reduced from £7
Where do I get it from? Sainsbury’s
Current Vintage – 2019
Producer – Cantina Viticoltori
Grape – Pinot Grigio
Country – Italy

Verdict – Good wine for the price

Food Pairings: This would work well with pizza, salads and grilled fish dishes.

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