Louis Latour Pinot Noir ‘Valmoissine’ 2015

Pinot Noir Domaine de Valmoissine Louis Latour

There are two theories regarding the ‘Pinot’ name. One is that it came about because their bunches are similar in shape to a pine cone (pinot in French). It may derive, however, from a place name in France such as Pinos or Pignols from where cuttings were obtained. Pignols in the Auvergne, for example, has cultivated Pinot since the middle ages. It was believed that Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Meunier, et al were members of a “Pinot Family” of distinct grape varieties. However DNA profiling at the wine Genome Project in Switzerland (I’m fascinated by their work) has shown them to have the same genetic fingerprint. They should properly be considered as mutations… Evidence can be seen in the vineyard; often Pinot vines will bear bunches of fruit of varying colours, or even striped berries.

Pinot’s clonal diversity and tendency to mutate is linked to its age – it is believed to have existed for 2,000 years. Pinot is also an ancestor of a huge number of grape varieties including Pinot Noir’s white wine (Burgundy) counterpart, Chardonnay.

Tasting notes: Deep purple colour. Well balanced. Medium finish. Red berry notes on the nose. Some complexity; red berry flavours, some vegetal notes – mostly primary. Medium finish. Very little tannic ‘grip’, characteristic of the variety.

Region of Origin – Burgundy
Wine Colour – Red
Price – £10 – £15 depending on where you shop
Where do I get it from? wine merchants
Current Vintage – 2015
Producer – Louis Latour
Grape – Pinot Noir
Country – France

Verdict – Good wine for the price

Food Pairings: This would work well with duck dishes, or could complement roast turkey. Worked well with schnitzel

I also had the 2016 vintage at The White Haus in Farringdon, London a few months ago. The White Haus is one of a number of Après-Ski themed bars – in London… It must be a form of nostalgia, escapism or perhaps a simple yearning for schnitzel. I liked the place and couldn’t discern any difference between this wine and the 2016 vintage.

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