Picpoul de Pinet ‘La Font Française’ Ormarine 2017

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Picpoul used to be cheap, and unusual to find outside France until a few years ago when it cropped up more frequently, particularly on gastro-pub wine lists. Prices rose as it became more popular. My most read article of all time with hundreds of views, is Sainsbury’s Baron de Guers Picpoul de Pinet which is identical to Waitrose offering and Tesco’s This is better – the 2016 vintage was awarded a Gold medal at the Concours des Grands Vins de France a Macon, 2017. Picpoul is an old variety and is also used in the manufacture of Noilly Prat vermouth.

Tasting notes: This is the 10th Picpoul de Pinet I’ve reviewed in the last eighteen months. Unlike the others it’s not from the behemoth Les Costieres de Pomerols co-operative! Ormarine produce 8 different Picpoul wines including the best Picpoul I’ve tasted. Picpoul should be relatively acidic – its name alludes to it being a ‘lip-smacker’ or ‘lip-stinger’ and in France it is the perfect accompaniment to the local oysters. This is fresh, zingy wine.

Wine Colour – White
Price – £8
Where do I get it from? – Majestic
Current Vintage – 2016
Type of Closure – Natural cork
Bottle size – 750ml
Grape – 100% Picpoul
Region/Country – Languedoc-Roussillon/France
Points – 91

Food Pairings: Went very well with a Cromer crab salad. Good with roast chicken. A good summer aperitif.

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