Languedoc, Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference



I have been looking at how Tesco’s updated ‘Finest’ range (which teams up with good producers and releases own-label wines that are interesting and reasonably priced) compares with Sainsbury’s ‘Premium’, Taste the Difference range. As a punter, it pays to seek out the maker’s name. Few winemakers are more consistent than Paul Mas. My reviews of some of his other wines can be found here

and here

This blend is really lovely – I particularly like the addition of Vermentino, which is being more widely planted in Languedoc. I spent three weeks in Sardinia and tasted Vermentino in particular.  The International Grape Genomics Program, of which I am a big fan, recently confirmed Vermentino to be identical to the Pigato of Liguria and Favorita of Piedmont.

Tasting notes:  Juicy Chardonnay with notes of peach and layers of fruit and a little spice. Some minerality. Made from Grenache Blanc, Marsanne & Vermentino – some of the most abundant grape varieties in the region. Good wine and good value for money. 

Wine Colour – White
Price – £8
Where do I get it from? Sainsbury
Current Vintage – 2017
Producer – Paul Mas (Jean Claude Mas)
Grape – Grenache Blanc, Marsanne & Vermentino
Region/Country – Languedoc/France
Points – 90
Food Pairing: Salade Nicoise


At a private tasting of Vermentino in Sardinia, with my family, on the Mancini Estate in Gallura.

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