Villa Bruna Piemonte Cortese



I’ve had a break from writing for 6 weeks, however I have not been idle. I visited the Aosta Valley for a week and went to France, twice. I drove thousands of miles, in my new car and have many stories to tell! I experienced fantastic food & hospitality in France and Italy and also incredible rudeness and hostility (France). I also tasted over 70 new wines – so lots of articles to come.

Tasting notes: Piemonte is a breathtakingly beautiful area of Italy. The Cortese grape is one of my favourites and there are related reviews here

So what’s not to like? This wine. It was awful. The dominant aroma was (seriously) of ski boot. I sought a second opinion. ‘Boot room.’ I tasted it but the whole ski boot thing was so etched on my consciousness that I couldn’t get past it and poured it all away…

Wine Colour – White
Price – £6.50
Where do I get it from? Don’t.
Current Vintage – N/V
Producer – Villa Bruna
Grape – 100% Cortese
Region/Country – Piemonte/Italy
Points – nil
Food Pairing: No food will ever go with this wine.


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