Zuccardi Malamado Malbec (Fortified)

blog 155

I’m a huge admirer of Zuccardi wines. Following my visit to Maipu in 2016, it was Zuccardi’s wines that most frequently impressed me. This Malbec is essentially an Argentinian ‘Port’. I receive a lot of port, which I generally give away. This was different – it didn’t seem especially potent and was ‘moreish’, which could end badly – so I’d share this with a table full of friends!

Tasting notes: Rich, smooth, heady (19%) wine. Sweet notes. Could work well with chocolate – as I discovered at an amazing wine/chocolate private tasting in Maipu…

Wine Colour – Red
Price – £13-18
Where do I get it from? Online
Current Vintage – 2014
Producer – Zuccardi
Grape – Malbec + a dosing wine
Region/Country – Maipu/Argentina
Points – 92
Food Pairing: Went brilliantly with a cheese.

Thanks again, Jon!

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