Gros Plant du Pays Nantais Sur Lie – Pierre Chanau


I’ve tasted my way from Nantes to Pouilly-sur-Loire over the course of several visits to the region. I’m a big fan of Muscadet in the summer; for me it’s the perfect wine to wash down moules mariniere. I wrote recently that Gros Plant was made from the Picpoul grape – however research for this article revealed that I’d fallen for a common misconception: Gros Plant is actually made from Folle Blanche. The Grape Genome Project, of which I’m a big fan, has so far failed to fully identify it’s ‘roots’ (ie the original varieties from which it is derived) which makes it intriguing… Sadly the variety is in decline, so I’d like to recommend that you try it. This bottle came from Auchan (Pierre ‘Chanau’ – that surname’s an anagram of Auchan…). Uvinum in London (or online) – an excellent wine merchant – has Gros Plant for £8.50. This weighed in at 3.39 Euros in France recently.

Tasting notes: . Pale straw yellow with green reflections. Floral and fruity nose
Light-bodied with some minerality. Freshness crisp acidity.  Aged sur lie which makes it more supple.

Wine Colour – White
Price – 3.39 Euros
Where do I get it from? Auchan
Current Vintage – 2015
Producer – Pierre Chanau
Grape – 100% Folle Blance
Region/Country – Loire/France
Points – 85
Food Pairing: This would go well with the usual seafood and fish dishes.


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