Boschendal Chenin Blanc 2017

blog 143

I reviewed a £4  bottle of chenin blanc recently – which was pretty good and washed down a takeaway well. At twice the price this Boschendal should have been twice as good, surely? Sadly not. I’ve had this wine many times and it’s usually good. With Tesco’s 25% off if you buy any 6 bottles deal, it’s good value. This is the recently released 2017 vintage – and the bottle I had wasn’t good…

Tasting notes: This bottle had an unusual, unpleasant aroma, which I couldn’t quite  pin down – it seemed ‘sweaty’. It wasn’t corked. It contains Sulphur Dioxide/Sulphites (as do the vast majority of wines), but a couple of glasses produced a whopping headache the next day. This wine is memorable for that reason. Get a bottle of Tesco South African Chenin Blanc for £4 instead – or their Anjou Blanc.

Region of Origin – Coastal
Wine Colour – White
Price – £8.50 – but 25% off if you buy any 6 bottles at Tesco
Where do I get it from? – Tesco (widely available elsewhere).
Current Vintage – 2016
Type of Closure – Natural Cork
Bottle size – 750ml
Grape – 100% Chenin Blanc
Country – South Africa
Points – 80
Food Pairings: Ibuprofen.

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