La Umbra Chardonnay

blog 109

I was contacted by the police this week to inform me that a gang of  Romanian criminals in West London had insured 6 cars using my details. They had even stolen my card details to pay for one of the policies. One of the cars had triggered a speed camera – a car which I was the registerd keeper of – which was news to me! Fortunately my bank, the DVLA and two different insurance companies have been very understanding and I was informed that London’s finest were waiting in an unmarked car to arrest the gentleman concerned in the act of driving the dodgy Mercedes, and charge him with multiple frauds and seize the vehicles.

What has this got to do with La Umbra Chardonnay? Well ‘La Umbra’ sounds Italian, similar to the word for ‘shade’ and there’s something shady about this wine – because it too is Romanian and is masquerading as somebody else… Rather like the Hungarian Pinot Grigio and the Hungarian Gruner Veltliner that Waitrose sell…

Tasting notes: Acidic. Not what I hoped for at all. Cheap – but you can do better even at this price.

Wine Colour – White
Price – £5.99 (25% off at the moment)
Where do I get it from? – Waitrose.
Current Vintage – 2016
Type of Closure – Screw Top
Bottle size – 750ml
Grape – 100% Chardonnay
Country – Romania
Points – 84
Food Pairings: Would possibly go well with a cheese fondue because it is really quite acidic.

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