Waitrose Brazil Chardonnay

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Waitrose sell a brace of Brazillian wines: one red, one white (the red is reduced to clear – which makes me wary of it). This is the first Brazillian wine I’ve tasted, in fact the first I’ve ever seen. I shouldn’t be surprised that a country as vast as Brazil produces wine; I’ve been to neighbouring Argentina and tasted wines in San Juan and from further North in Salta – and this wine is from Southern Brazil only a few hundred miles away. In South America this is a stone’s throw. At a wine tasting in Maipu in November our host said that she liked to shop in neighbouring Chile, which wasn’t far – “only a seventeen hour drive…”

Tasting notes: Tropical new world, very good summer drinking. Mineral edge to the finish. A good alternative to white Burgundies and not ‘oaky’, so suitable for the ABC brigade.


Region of Origin Serra Gaucha, Southern Brazil
Wine Colour White
Price £8.79
Where do I get it from? Waitrose.
Current Vintage 2016
Producer Cooperativa Vinicola Aurora
Type of Closure Screwcap
Bottle size 750ml
Grape 100% Chardonnay
Country Brazil
Points 92

Food Pairings: seafood, salads or good on its own.



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