M&S Classics California Chardonnay 2019

With its ‘Classics’ range M&S set out to produce wines which are the epitome of a grape, blend or region. I like this idea very much; at wine tastings – especially blind ones – I don’t really want quirky surprises. At a blind tasting before lockdown I had several ‘atypical’ wines and got them wrong….

M&S Wave Break Pinot Grigio

  An unusual proposition and one I’ve never come across before; American Pinot Grigio. But containing French Colombard. And bottled in Germany. I thought it was good – if rather on the pricey side for Pinot Grigio. Tasting notes: Light, fruity, dry white. Flavours of fresh pear and lime. Wine Colour – White Price –…

Dark Horse Chardonnay

This wine comes from ‘California’ – which is a massive place and seems a bit vague… Not entirely sure what to make of this wine – I liked it and it’s one of only a handful of wines that have made me say ‘wow’ this year. Tasting notes: Straw colour. Wow! Butterscotch, caramel notes. Dry….